Reimagining Public Space! Arleta Triangle Square

Help us shape the vision for this new public space the whole community can enjoy!

The Arleta Triangle Project began in 2005 when neighbors came together to activate space for people. The space sits at the crossroads of 72nd Ave and Woodstock Blvd. To help improve neighborhood safety, the “slip-lane” (pictured below) is being turned into a community space for the Mt. Scott-Arleta neighborhood! In order to have the best space possible, we need to consult the neighborhood experts: You!

***Accepting responses until June 1st. Project aims to start Fall 2022.

Scan this QR Code! This code will link you to a survey on the future of this plaza.

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 What do you imagine for this space? Gardens? Art? Plants? Mutual Aid Cabinets? Places to sit? Survey available in multiple languages.

Have further questions? Direct them to Greg Raisman at PBOT with the email 


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