Reimagining Public Space! Arleta Triangle Square

Help us shape the vision for this new public space the whole community can enjoy!

The Arleta Triangle Project began in 2005 when neighbors came together to activate space for people. The space sits at the crossroads of 72nd Ave and Woodstock Blvd. To help improve neighborhood safety, the “slip-lane” (pictured below) is being turned into a community space for the Mt. Scott-Arleta neighborhood! In order to have the best space possible, we need to consult the neighborhood experts: You!

***Accepting responses until June 1st. Project aims to start Fall 2022.

Scan this QR Code! This code will link you to a survey on the future of this plaza.

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 What do you imagine for this space? Gardens? Art? Plants? Mutual Aid Cabinets? Places to sit? Survey available in multiple languages.

Have further questions? Direct them to Greg Raisman at PBOT with the email 


Decide the Interior Look of Holgate Library

The Holgate branch of Multnomah County Library is being rebuilt in 2023 and your input is needed on the interior design. As part of the Library Capital Bond Projects, the new Holgate Library will be larger, more sustainable and welcoming space for everyone in the community. Previous listening sessions have provided a wealth of ideas and features that are incorporated into the design. Please vote by May 20th to help decide the interior look and colors.

You can sign up for updates on all the bond projects with info on other upcoming events and activities at the following links.

Neighborhood Elections Next Month

Ever wonder how great things happen in our neighborhood? Yes, we mean the hygiene supply cabinet at Arleta Triangle, air pollution monitoring, street art, community events—and no, the list doesn’t end there! Your Neighborhood Association volunteers have been hard at work ensuring that our neighborhood is thriving.

On our upcoming election we want to celebrate living, loving, working, and uplifting alongside one another! We’d love the opportunity to share our past accomplishments, our hopes for the future of the neighborhood and extend an invitation to you to be involved in big or small ways. Help us as a neighbor* by joining us on Wednesday May 4th, 2022 and voting in our new leadership.

Even if you haven’t been to a meeting before we feel that it is important to involve as many neighbors as possible in the selection of our board members. Not only will you play an important role in our elections, you’ll also be privy to insider information, and get the scoop on what’s happening in the neighborhood and across the city.

Interested in getting your hands dirty and being a part of the month-to-month decision making? Then board or committee service might be for you. Feel free to join in the conversation and ask questions of current board members. Or, if you’re ready to get to work, step on up and offer to fill one of our vacant seats—we’d love to have you on the board!

If you have ever spent time volunteering, you know that it takes all kinds of hard work and resolute people to make things happen. Projects don’t complete themselves, issues don’t advocate for themselves, art doesn’t magically appear—people are the driving force. The same is true for our neighborhood, only in this case neighbors must be the driving force!
*Neighboring isn’t just for people who reside here; if you work or own property in the Mt. Scott-Arleta neighborhood we consider you a neighbor, too!