Portland Street Response Pilot Adds Increased Areas of Service, Now Includes Majority of Mt. Scott-Arleta

News article originally from the City of Portland

Portland Street Response expanded its boundaries on April 1, 2021 to serve more areas and added additional call types.

Published: April 7, 2021 12:18 pm

Portland Street Response (PSR), the pilot program from the City of Portland that offers a non-police response to assist people experiencing houselessness or low acuity behavioral/mental health crises, expanded its boundaries on April 1, 2021 to serve more areas. The pilot began using the boundaries in the Lents neighborhood serviced by Portland Fire & Rescue (PF&R) Fire Station 11 and is now responding within eight Portland Police Bureau (PPB) districts in the greater Lents area.

Fire station service districts are called Fire Management Areas, or FMAs. After a month in service, an analysis of calls in consultation with PSR’s partners at the Bureau of Emergency Communication (BOEC) led program managers to see that the team was missing calls tied to police district areas just outside of the FMA. As part of the pilot, PSR is going to test assigning the areas to police districts rather than FMAs, which will result in expanded service to the greater Lents area.

Map showing the previous boundaries that were bordered by SE Powell Blvd. on the north, SE 82nd Ave. to the west, the Clackamas County and City of Portland boundary along Clatsop St. (roughly) on the south, and roughly SE 112th Ave. on the east. The map shows new boundaries that are primarily SE Division St. on the north, SE Clatsop St. (roughly) on the south, SE 62th Ave. (roughly) on the west, and Powell Butte along the eastern boundary.
Map showing previous boundary (shaded) and outline of new boundary in blue.

The previous boundaries were bordered by SE Powell Blvd. on the north, SE 82nd Ave. to the west, the Clackamas County and City of Portland boundary along Clatsop St. (roughly) on the south, and roughly SE 112th Ave. on the east. The new boundaries are primarily SE Division St. on the north, SE Clatsop St. (roughly) on the south, SE 62th Ave. (roughly) on the west, and Powell Butte along the eastern boundary. There is a new look up tool where you can plug in your address to see if it is within PSR’s program area. You can access that tool here: https://www.portland.gov/streetresponse/address-lookup-tool

With this expansion, the team will also be taking fire calls in additional FMAs that connect through the police districts. The team will be dispatched for certain non-life threatening, non-emergency fire medical calls in FMAs 25, 19, 7, 29.

As part of an evaluation on call types from the first month, on April 1 the PSR team started responding to calls for a person either outside or inside of a publicly accessible space such as a business, store, public lobby, etc. Prior to April 1, the team only responded to calls for a person outside. The team still does not currently respond within private residences. Additionally, the team will now co-respond with PF&R on certain public burning calls (such as outside warming and cooking fires) to offer wrap-around service assistance.

PSR has also created a dashboard so the public can access our call data. The data dashboard can be accessed here: https://www.portland.gov/streetresponse/data-dashboard

“After our first month in service we were able to see areas where we can increase our call load. We appreciate our partners at BOEC, PPB, and PF&R for offering helpful insight as we build this program,” says Program Manager Robyn Burek.

“I am so pleased to see that the Portland Street Response pilot is doing exactly what it set out to accomplish: experimenting with different ways to provide service by being nimble and responding to new information,” says Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty. “The City of Portland invested in a pilot so we can create the best system possible and we are using that investment wisely.”

Announcing Board Elections in May

Mt. Scott-Arleta Neighborhood Association will hold elections for Board positions May 5th, 2021. The MSANA Board is a participatory based volunteer organization. Board members must be Neighborhood Association members (see below) and must have attended at least four meetings within the current calendar year in order to be eligible to be elected. (See Bylaws Article VI, Section 2).

Membership in the Neighborhood Association is open to residents, property owners, business licensees and representatives of governmental agencies and nonprofit organizations located within the neighborhood boundaries. To qualify as a member one must also have confirmed their membership status on a meeting sign-in sheet (or otherwise verified within the meeting minutes). (See Bylaws Article IV, Section 1).

Board positions include Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Past Chair, SE Uplift Board Member, and At-Large Members as committee chairs or event coordinators. The time commitment is a few nights availability each month and the desire to see your neighborhood improve as the city grows. Contact us if you are interested!

In the past year MSANA Board members have installed a Community Care Cabinet at the Arleta Triangle, helped distribute US Census posters throughout the region, provided support to the Shelter to Housing Continuum Project, adopted diversity equity inclusion and accessibility guidelines, participated within a coalition of neighborhoods working together to improve safety and connectivity in the area, and more. What would you like to see happen in the next year? Join the MSANA Board and help your community today.

All are welcome. Todos son bienvenidos. Tất cả đều được chào đón.

Interested Persons Needed for Lower Southeast Rising Area Plan Project Advisory Committee

The City of Portland, Portland Bureau of Planning & Sustainability and Portland Bureau of Transporation, is seeking interested persons to serve in one of 20 positions on the Lower Southeast Rising Area Plan Project Advisory Committee. The Lower SE Rising Area Plan will assess land use and transportation issues in portions of Brentwood-Darlington, Mt Scott-Arleta, Woodstock and Lents. The purpose of the project is to expand neighborhood commercial opportunities and address the historic lack of transportation options. We invite you to apply and share this opportunity. Applications are currently due by March 5, but all interested parties are highly encouraged to apply throughout March. Click here to learn more about the committee and how to apply.

Even if you are not able to join the committee, we still want to stay connected! Learn more about the project and subscribe for occasional email updates by visiting the project website: https://www.portland.gov/bps/lower-se-rising

Community Care during COVID-19: Call to Action

Our Arleta Triangle Community Care Cabinet needs your help.

Picture of the Arleta Triangle Project and Community Care Cabinet covered with snow in SE Portland, Oregon during a winter event in February, 2021.

COVID-19 has made it harder for neighbors to connect in our usual places, including at the Arleta Triangle in the Mt. Scott Arleta Neighborhood. Last year, with a small grant from Southeast Uplift (our neighborhood coalition office), we installed some COVID-relief amenities including a vandal-proof hand sanitizer dispenser, a safely-distanced bench for resting, and a cupboard for supplies for our neighbors in need. Now, as we enter our second year of the pandemic, our community members are still in need and more volunteers can help us meet it. 

If you want to help us keep basic hygiene and warming supplies available to our neighbors, please click the link below to let us know your availability and how to contact you. Thank you for being part of the neighborhood and supporting each other.

Items that are welcome include toiletries, garments, first aid, and food items. Travel-size items are the most helpful. Please no worn used clothing unless like-new!



Dental floss
Hand cream
Laundry soap
Hand sanitizer
Bar soap
Menstrual supplies tampons/pads


Face masks
Hand warmers
Emergency blankets
Warm socks (wool or acrylic)


Antibiotic cream


Shelf-stable snacks
Easy to prepare
Canned goods
High-protein foods

Picture of a bench with Arleta Triangle Project design etched onto it with the words, "THE TRIANGLE MT. SCOTT-ARLETA SOUTHEAST PORTLAND."