Neighbors For Clean Air Mapping Tool

Image of Potential Diesel Impact Locator Mapping Tool with Mt. Scott-Arleta featured

Neighbors for Clean Air launched a mapping tool to track nearby construction in real time and help neighborhoods better understand the relationship between potential diesel emission sources and local development. The mapping tool calculates the square feet of construction area and the number of floors based on building permits.

Clackamas and Multnomah Counties rank in the top 5 percent of counties nationwide for ambient diesel particulate concentrations. While on-road/highway vehicles, rail, industrial, commercial, and other sources are significant contributors, it is estimated that as much of as 65% of Portland Metro emissions sources come from non-road vehicles (construction, agricultural, marine, etc.).

Unlike Washington and California states, non-road vehicles do not have to meet diesel exhaust standards in Oregon and many older diesel engines operate within our state. Fine particulates from diesel emissions represent a community health risk with a disproportionate impact to historically underserved people. Neighbors for Clean Air will connect you to actions to help improve air quality and keep our community healthy.

Join the Neighbors for Clean Air for a free online seminar on December 10th to learn about expanding air quality monitors and learn more about the issue.

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