How to Publish Your Event on the Arleta Triangle Square Website

The crowd-sourced online events calendar is your free ticket to reserving time at the Arleta Triangle Square. We also encourage bringing chalk to the square and writing your event on the chalkboard located behind the stage.

Step 1: Get Acquainted With the Event Calendar. Navigate to the Arleta Triangle Square website’s events page. Familiarize yourself with the calendar and the events already scheduled. This will help you to choose a date for your own event that does not conflict with other activities.

Step 2: Select a Suitable Date. Choose a date that suits both you and your group. Make sure to consider the schedule of your target audience as well.

Step 3: Start the Hosting Process. From the main menu on the events page, select the “Host Your Event at the Square” option. This will initiate the process of adding your own event to the calendar.

Step 4: Fill Out the Event Details. A form will appear where you provide details about your event. Fill in the event’s date, start and end times, and a brief description of what it will entail. If you have an image that represents your event, feel free to include it. If the event details are available on another site (like Facebook), provide a link to it. Note that the event date is in YYYY-MM-DD format with the year first, month second, and day last. For example an event on October 1, 2023 would be entered as 2023-10-01. Lastly, if you’re raising funds for charity and suggesting donations, add the expected amount in the ‘cost’ field. If not, leave it blank.

Step 5: Publish Your Event. Once you’ve filled in all the necessary information, hit the ‘publish’ button. Your event will instantly be added to the Arleta Triangle Square events calendar.

Confirm Your Event’s Publication. Go back to the events page to ensure your event has been successfully published. It should now appear on the calendar on the date you selected.

Please Note: It’s possible for events to be scheduled at the same time. Depending on the nature of your event and its use of the site, this may or may not be an issue. Please consult with event organizers if you would like your activities to coincide with another scheduled event.

Consumption and distribution of alcohol is prohibited at all events.

This platform is crowd-sourced, which means anyone can add their events. So, don’t hesitate to publicize your gatherings, charity events, celebrations, or neighborhood meetups! We hope this guide makes coordinating and scheduling your events straightforward and simple.

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