Green Tulip Annual KinderMarket & Holiday Event

Join us for the Green Tulip Annual KinderMarket & Holiday Event, a special occasion dedicated to uplifting children and fundraising for a medical relief fund to support the children of Palestine. Your participation will contribute to making a positive impact and bringing joy to the lives of those affected. Let’s come together for a day of kindness, community, and support.

Time & Place: December 17th Time: 1:00 pm – 3:30 pm @ Artleta Triangle
Objective: To provide support for children affected by ongoing events in Palestine and raise funds for PCRF Highlighted
Appearances and Events:

  • Meet & Greet with Santa: 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm
  • Performances by Habiba Addo
  • Storytime with Teacher Nadine
  • “The Gruffalo” play by Green Tulip students
  • Sing-along Karaoke/Caroling

Kindermarket: Explore and shop crafts created by young crafters and entrepreneurs.
Toy and Art Sale Fundraiser for PCRF

Discover evidence-based felted toys and crafts featuring art by Emma and a plant sale. Join us for a day of creativity and support for a meaningful cause. Your contributions will make a difference in the lives of children impacted by ongoing events in Palestine.

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How to Publish Your Event on the Arleta Triangle Square Website

The crowd-sourced online events calendar is your free ticket to reserving time at the Arleta Triangle Square. We also encourage bringing chalk to the square and writing your event on the chalkboard located behind the stage.

Step 1: Get Acquainted With the Event Calendar. Navigate to the Arleta Triangle Square website’s events page. Familiarize yourself with the calendar and the events already scheduled. This will help you to choose a date for your own event that does not conflict with other activities.

Step 2: Select a Suitable Date. Choose a date that suits both you and your group. Make sure to consider the schedule of your target audience as well.

Step 3: Start the Hosting Process. From the main menu on the events page, select the “Host Your Event at the Square” option. This will initiate the process of adding your own event to the calendar.

Step 4: Fill Out the Event Details. A form will appear where you provide details about your event. Fill in the event’s date, start and end times, and a brief description of what it will entail. If you have an image that represents your event, feel free to include it. If the event details are available on another site (like Facebook), provide a link to it. Note that the event date is in YYYY-MM-DD format with the year first, month second, and day last. For example an event on October 1, 2023 would be entered as 2023-10-01. Lastly, if you’re raising funds for charity and suggesting donations, add the expected amount in the ‘cost’ field. If not, leave it blank.

Step 5: Publish Your Event. Once you’ve filled in all the necessary information, hit the ‘publish’ button. Your event will instantly be added to the Arleta Triangle Square events calendar.

Confirm Your Event’s Publication. Go back to the events page to ensure your event has been successfully published. It should now appear on the calendar on the date you selected.

Please Note: It’s possible for events to be scheduled at the same time. Depending on the nature of your event and its use of the site, this may or may not be an issue. Please consult with event organizers if you would like your activities to coincide with another scheduled event.

Consumption and distribution of alcohol is prohibited at all events.

This platform is crowd-sourced, which means anyone can add their events. So, don’t hesitate to publicize your gatherings, charity events, celebrations, or neighborhood meetups! We hope this guide makes coordinating and scheduling your events straightforward and simple.

Re-Paint Arleta Triangle Square June 24th

When: June 24th, 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.
Where: Arleta Triangle Square (5999 SE 72nd Ave)

Join SymbiOp Landscaping on Saturday, June 24th at 9:30 a.m. to Re-Paint Arleta Triangle Square! Paint supplies and tools will be provided along with food and drink. Dress accordingly for handling paint.

Thanks to the City of Portland for providing the resources to support neighborhood efforts to reduce gunfire violence and build community activity in Mt. Scott-Arleta!

Upcoming Events at the Arleta Triangle Square

Make a good place better with your neighbors! The Arteta Triangle summer work parties are back for the season.  Meet at the Arleta Triangle to help weed, paint, and support community. Gloves, tools, and drinks provided. The work parties meet on the last Saturday of each month from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. throughout the summer. On days with excessive heat warnings, the work parties start and end times each move to an hour earlier.

  • Summer Work Party – Saturday, May 27th
  • Local Vendor Market – Saturday, June 17th 
  • Repaint Arleta Triangle Square! – Saturday, June 24th 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.
  • Summer Work Party – Saturday, July 29th
  • Party On, Portland! – Saturday, August 5th
  • Summer Work Party – Saturday, August 26th
  • Summer Work Party – Saturday, September 30th

Building a Better 82nd Open House Closes May 31st!

Image of SE 82nd Ave north of Stark St dated 10-29-32. Photo courtesy of the City Archives at the City of Portland.

There is still time to provide feedback on the Portland Bureau of Transportation’s Building a Better 82nd Project in coordination with Metro Government and TriMet. The project includes near-term critical fixes and a plan for improvements to 82nd Avenue. High-frequency transit on the network’s busiest transit line along 82nd Ave is proposed in the same style as the Division FX bus service. The project includes immediate safety measures for all road users and signal improvements. Additional investments include shade expansion via tress, better access for people using the corridor. See anything missing? Share your ideas for the project now!

Provide Your Thoughts on the Lower SE Area by June 23rd

Do you work, play, live, or worship in the Mt. Scott-Arleta, Brentwood-Darlington, Lents, or Woodstock area? If so, your feedback is needed on the Lower SE Rising Area Plan. A Discussion Draft was recently released and is seeking feedback to determine if neighbor comments and ideas to improve transit service, pedestrian crossings, bike networks, and transportation service are enough. Have ideas on land use or transportation projects to improve the area? Provide your feedback before June 23rd!

The Bureau of Planning and Sustainability (BPS) and Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) have released the Discussion Draft of the Lower Southeast Rising Area Plan. This draft plan proposes zoning changes that will help expand opportunities for neighborhood businesses and housing choices, along with transportation improvements, to make it easier for residents and others to meet daily needs nearby and help address housing affordability.

In this “online open house” event, you’ll have the opportunity to hear more about these draft proposals from project staff, ask questions, and give us your input to help refine the plan. You are also invited to engage with this project through a self-guided online open house and share your feedback through a survey or the events listed below.

Lower SE Rising at Lents International Farmers Market

Learn about the draft plan and how to give your feedback

June 4, 2023 9:00 am – 2:00 pm

Community Event

Lower SE Rising at Woodstock Farmers Market

Learn about the draft plan and how to give your feedback

June 18, 2023 10:00 am – 2:00 pm

Community Event

The Park Lights Are Saved at Mt. Scott Park

Thanks to your support and advocacy, the park lights at Mt. Scott Park will be retained until funds are available to replace them. You may have notice multi-lingual warning signs attached to the light poles reminding folk to never attach anything to light poles. Did you know that each light pole weighs nearly 1200 pounds? That is a lot of weight you do not want to be on the receiving end of!

Thanks to Commissioner Dan Ryan and the Portland Parks & Recreation, lighting will remain at the park and 18 out of the 22 light poles will be replaced as supplies become available. This is an increase from the original proposal and the replacement light poles will retain the classic design with the attached metal framing that we are accustomed to. Current estimates are sometime near  December, 2023 when the Mt. Scott Community Center is scheduled for closure during the seismic retrofit and partial remodel.

Free Neighborhood Dumpster Day Is June 10th

When: June 10th, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Where: Celebration City Christian Church (6828 SE Holgate)

Gather all large, bulky household items you may have at home and dispose of them at nearby Celebration City Christian Church. The City of Portland Bureau of Planning & Sustainability are hosting neighborhood Dumpster Days. Best of all the event is free to all residents of Mt. Scott-Arleta and Foster-Powell neighborhoods.

Large household items including mattresses, rugs, treated lumber, wood stumps, furniture including couches, tables, and chairs, and small appliances such as vacuums, microwaves, and toasters will be accepted. All items will be disposed of as trash except for working microwaves and toasters. Hazardous items such as tires, paint, CFL light bulbs, televisions, etc. will not be accepted. Items from businesses will not be accepted.

Questions? Contact the Bureau of Planning & Sustainability Waste Info Hotline at 503-823-7202 or email

Support Our Main Street at These Foster Road Events

Report Potholes, Maintenance, Graffiti, Abandoned Cars, & Trash to 3-1-1

Have you noticed missing traffic signs, graffiti, trash, potholes, or other safety concerns? You can report them by using the PDX Reporter App or by calling 3-1-1.

PDX Reporter App
PDX 311 |

Neighbors Together

Hi neighbors! We hope you are keeping warm and safely enjoying the recent snowstorm. Keep reading for information on an upcoming neighborhood safety conversation, an artist popup market at Arleta Triangle Square, and how to host your event at the Square.

Neighborhood Safety

Join a Neighborhood Safety conversation sponsored by the City of Portland and the Mt. Scott-Arleta Neighborhood Association.

When: March 8, 2023 at 7-8 pm
Where: 5512 SE 73rd Ave. (MS Presbyterian Church)

The event is limited to 25 participants. RSVP below to secure your spot.
Email any questions or topic suggestions to:

Pre-Spring Pop Up Market

Come to the Pre-Spring Pop Up market on March 18th and support your neighbors and local artists! The market is located at the newly-revamped ARLETA TRIANGLE SQUARE on SE Woodstock/SE 72nd. You can have a great time with your friends and family and also visit Fat Cupcake for sweets or Mt Scott Pub right across the street to grab some drinks. Don’t miss out on this fun and exciting event!

When: March 18, 2023 at 12-5 pm
Where: SE 72nd Ave & Woodstock (Arleta Triangle Square)

Host Your Event at the Triangle Square

Host your next event at the Arleta Triangle Square, a free and welcoming public space that promotes sustainability, cultivates community, and provides safety for the neighborhood. Whether it’s a community gathering, a birthday party, or a get-together with friends, the Arleta Triangle Square is the perfect outdoor venue. Come create, gather, and meet at the Triangle Square. Reserve the space with an email to the neighborhood association with details and enjoy the benefits of an inclusive and versatile public space. See you at the Triangle Square!

To find information on monthly board meetings and how to request time on the agenda, visit the meetings page.

Have you noticed missing traffic signs, graffiti, trash, potholes, or other safety concerns? You can report them by using the PDX Reporter App or by calling 3-1-1.

PDX Reporter App
PDX 311 |

Portland Bureau of Transportation crews work 24/7 keeping snow and ice routes clear. Here are tips for taking transit, walking, biking, or driving in severe weather.

GET HOME SAFE: Severe Weather Travel Tips |

Multnomah County severe weather tips: Keep warm. Avoid traffic. Help your neighbor. Volunteer. Tips and resources for how to stay healthy and have fun during the winter months.

Care for When It’s Cold | Multnomah County (