The MSANA Board consists entirely of volunteers. Board members must be Neighborhood Association members (see below) and must have attended at least two meetings within the current calendar year to be eligible for election at the annual meeting. (See Bylaws Article VI, Section 2).

Membership in the Neighborhood Association is open to residents, business licensees, and representatives of governmental agencies and nonprofit organizations located within the neighborhood boundaries. To qualify as a member, one must also have confirmed their membership status on a meeting sign-in sheet. (See Bylaws Article IV, Section 1).

MSANA boundary map

Mt. Scott – Arleta Neighborhood Boundaries

Board Positions

Chair – Matchu Williams

Vice Chair – Eric Esqueda

Web Manager – Daniel Portis-Cathers

Secretary – Jacob Wathen

Treasurer – Martha Tucker

Transportation – Eric Esqueda

Land Use – [vacant]

Neighborhood Emergency Team (NET) At-Large – Jim Weisgram

Past Chair – Gus Kroll

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