The MSANA Board consists entirely of volunteers. Board members must be Neighborhood Association members (see below) and must have attended at least two meetings within the current calendar year in order to be eligible to be elected. (See Bylaws Article VI, Section 2).

Membership in the Neighborhood Association is open to residents, property owners, business licensees and representatives of governmental agencies and nonprofit organizations located within the neighborhood boundaries. To qualify as a member one must also have confirmed their membership status on a meeting sign-in sheet. (See Bylaws Article IV, Section 1).

MSANA boundary map

Mt. Scott – Arleta Neighborhood Boundaries

Board Positions

The Board Chair is responsible for providing leadership to the Mt. Scott Arleta Neighborhood Association and acting as the CEO of the board. The Board Chair acts as the primary spokesman for the organization, sets and facilitates Board meetings, coordinates and manages projects and events, and acts as the neighborhood representative in external meetings with other neighborhood associations, the media, and the City of Portland. The Board Chair also ensures Board compliance and acts as the primary point of contact for neighborhood questions, concerns, and complaints.

The board chair position is currently in rotation among board members

The board secretary serves as the record keeper for the neighborhood association. Primary responsibilities include recording and retaining meeting minutes. These are comprised of details including, but not limited to:

  • Meeting date/time/location
  • Meeting type (board, general, etc.)
  • Summaries of discussions, reports, and presentations
  • Board motions and voting results
Nicole Green
The Treasurer acts as the bookkeeper for the neighborhood organization. In this role, the Treasurer is responsible for all financial members for the board, including issuing payments, invoicing, and keeping registrations current.

Jed Roberts
Jed Roberts
Land Use/Transportation
My main duty is to attend the Land Use and Transportation meetings each month at SE Uplift and report back on what the city has planned around those topics. Questions and clarifying details that arise from the community are sent out to city officials. In addition I report potholes, unsafe traffic crossings, and other public space concerns to the appropriate bureau for review and attend as many city, county, and state transportation meetings related to our neighborhood to keep informed of current processes.

Jacob Brostoff
Arleta Triangle
The Arleta Triangle Liaison is responsible for coordinating and managing projects relating to the Arleta Triangle, a public space at SE 72nd & Woodstock Blvd. In this position, the Liaison coordinates volunteer groups to care for the space as well as leads a Steering Committee of neighbors and volunteers in planning and budgeting for improvements to the Arleta Triangle.

Meghan Humphreys
Meghan Humphreys
The Sustainability Chair facilitates opportunites to maintain and improve the health and livability of our neighborhood. This person takes a leadership role on issues related to air, water, green spaces, gardens, wildlife, energy, waste, and economic vitality.

The communications director currently:

  1. Manages the Neighborhood Association’s social media presence on Facebook and Twitter,
  2. Creates, curates, and manages posts about current events and topics of interest to folks in the neighborhood,
  3. Monitors, listens, and responds to users while keeping the NA and neighbors aware of what’s going on.
Gus Kroll
Gus Kroll
South East Uplift Rep.
Attend SE Uplift meetings once monthly. Report MSANA concerns to this neighborhood oversight organization and learn about neighborhood opportunities (grants, workshops, etc.). Report back at our general monthly meetings.

Matchu Williams
At Large
This position is free-floating – for the person who likes to have a hand in a variety of events: from the cider pressing or neighborhood cleanup fundraisers to occasionally filling in for the secretary to assisting in hanging up flyers or assisting with a display table at the random community event…pretty much whatever you like!
Volunteer Coordinator
The Volunteer Coordinator is responsible for community outreach, recruiting, growing and maintaining a database of volunteers, and coordinating those volunteers for events and initiatives within the neighborhood.
Web Manager
The Web Manager oversees technical aspects of the NA’s web presence. He/she is responsible for:

  • Addressing web security
  • Proper presentation/formatting of content
  • Fixing broken links
  • Maintaining up-to-date records on login information for various accounts (website, gmail, social media)
Daniel Portis-Cathers
Daniel Portis-Cathers